Normandy, pt. 3: A Cheesy Story

I have traumatizing experiences when it comes to French cheese. When I was little, my uncle who lived in Paris came to visit a few times a year and brought presents. From clothes and toys for us kids, to champagne, boxes of chocolate and sweets, they were products that couldn’t be bought in our country and that always represented the elegance and class of France that we looked forward to receiving parts of.  Continue reading “Normandy, pt. 3: A Cheesy Story”

Normandy, pt. 1: Earth, Wind and Sea on the Côte d’Albâtre

In my occasional travels around wonderful France I have learned that all parts of it are beautiful and special in their own ways, and visiting Normandy only corroborated that conclusion. Spending enough time in the region allows you to see its different faces: long sandy beaches, posh tourist resorts, sleepy villages, bustling ports, historic routes and beautiful wildish nature. Continue reading “Normandy, pt. 1: Earth, Wind and Sea on the Côte d’Albâtre”

Slovenian Green and Blue

I really love the unplanned, spontaneous decisions and ‘’missions’’ that include getting together with people that are dear to me and enjoying the precious days when we can forget about work and obligations. One such ‘’mission” was the road trip to Slovenia that my friends, my BF and I took last weekend. Continue reading “Slovenian Green and Blue”

Monet, Giverny and thinking that creativity is contagious

There are certain names in history that are irretrievably connected with certain places. Michelangelo and Rome, Joyce and Dublin, Fitzgerald and New York, Toulouse-Lautrec and Paris, among many others, come to mind.  Ties between these names and places are strong, and you find it virtually impossible to imagine one without the other. Places have inspired these individuals and filled them with creative force. And in return, people made the places eternally famous. Continue reading “Monet, Giverny and thinking that creativity is contagious”