What we’ve learned about traveling with a baby from our first weekend getaway together

I’ve been dreaming about traveling with my child since the first moment I learned I was pregnant. To show him all the places where my parents used to take me, ones where I spent my childhood, to take weekend breaks to locations close to our home town just for a change of scenery, to visit my favourite European destinations and see them through his eyes,… to discover the world together.

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Searching for tranquility in Istria

High summer temperatures that we were experiencing in Croatia for the last couple of weeks caused a general mobilization of the locals trying to escape the heat of the asphalt and replace it with the breezy air of the beach or a shaded, cooler air of the mountain areas nearby. My boyfriend and I decided to visit Istria for a week and to spend our days alternating between the beach and lazy explorations of small towns and villages of the peninsula. Continue reading “Searching for tranquility in Istria”

Dolce Vita in Istria

Croatia strives on tourism. In the few summer months that we consider ‘high season’, people here put their thinking caps on and work hard to offer tourists the best and most unique summer experience possible. One such attempts of offering something new and different was the Dolce Vita Festival, held last weekend in Rovinj, Istria. Continue reading “Dolce Vita in Istria”