Wise words to inspire your travels

There are many beautiful thoughts and quotes about traveling that make you feel, upon reading them, as if someone turned into words your own feelings, ones you often find so difficult to verbalize and explain. They often describe traveling as a way of learning, changing, taking chances and getting outside of your comfort zone, letting every traveler know that their feelings and beliefs are universal, shared between all of us. Continue reading “Wise words to inspire your travels”

Where to next?

Winter has really arrived to Rijeka, with temperatures below zero and hurricane-like northern winds, which means that it’s the time of the year when my itchy feet itch the most. So as I simultaneously plan and daydream about my next travel destinations, let me share with you some tips that might help you decide where (and when) to travel next. Continue reading “Where to next?”

Monet, Giverny and thinking that creativity is contagious

There are certain names in history that are irretrievably connected with certain places. Michelangelo and Rome, Joyce and Dublin, Fitzgerald and New York, Toulouse-Lautrec and Paris, among many others, come to mind. ┬áTies between these names and places are strong, and you find it virtually impossible to imagine one without the other. Places have inspired these individuals and filled them with creative force. And in return, people made the places eternally famous. Continue reading “Monet, Giverny and thinking that creativity is contagious”