Porto. Period.

If you walk around Porto long enough, you will see beautiful houses covered in colorful glazed tiles, next to dilapidated uninhabited houses on the brink of falling apart, next to empty plots of land where houses once stood, as suggested by the ruins and debris on the ground, next to gated houses with beautiful gardens, next to facades covered with scaffolding that no worker has climbed for a long time. Porto is like that – full of surprises. It is gritty, messy, sometimes smelly, but at the same time, charming, different and beautiful. This city does not care what you think of it but lives its authentic life, for which you can love it – or leave it. Continue reading “Porto. Period.”

An Instant Crush

Approaching Valletta by a ferry gave us the opportunity to see the city from the seaside, protected by its strong, pale, rigid fortifications. Within them, with domes, spires and roofs jutting out from their limits, the city seemed like a random arrangement of dwellings that refuses to contain its playful spirit despite the strict appearance imposed by the fortifications. It was an interesting contrast, and we were looking forward to discovering which of the two sides of the city would prevail. Continue reading “An Instant Crush”

What Naples is not

I don’t think I have ever visited a city that people have such drastically polar opinions about as Naples: for some, this is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Italy, but in entire Europe, while for some, the city is simply not their cup of tea. While everyone, of course, has a right to their opinion, it seems that people who don’t like Naples are extremely strict in their judgments, accusing the city of being dangerous, dirty, soulless or boring. Continue reading “What Naples is not”