Holiday Magic at Trsat Castle

Like every year, Christmas has arrived to my beloved Rijeka. Unlike every year, however, one of Rijeka’s main touristic sights, the Trsat Castle, this year got a new sparkly holiday makeover and brought even more holiday cheer to people of Rijeka and their visitors. Yesterday I got the chance to visit the Trsat castle in the evening and was completely stunned by how fairy-tale like it looks! Continue reading “Holiday Magic at Trsat Castle”

Christmas Wonderland in Austria

Finally, one of my greatest wishes came true! After years and years of being the craziest and most enthusiastic Christmas-obsessed individual around, terrorizing everyone with holiday preparations and festive spirit long before they were due, my family finally granted me the wish and organized a weekend trip to Vienna and Graz, to visit some of their Christmas markets that rank among the most famous ones in Europe. I was really excited about “Christmas coming early this year” in a literal sense, and  the experience really did not disappoint me one bit – for two lovely days, in two beautiful Austrian cities, I have lived Christmas with all my senses.  Continue reading “Christmas Wonderland in Austria”

Happy December!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed. It’s the fresh winter air, snowy surprises, smell of Christmas cookies, decorations all around, general excitement, warmth in your home… For me, December really is the culmination of the year. Maybe because everyone knows that yet another year is passing and try really hard to make the most of it before it ends, maybe because all the festivities encourage people to just relax and be nicer to each other, maybe because Christmas lights and decorations all around the town keep everyone excited and positive… Or maybe it’s the fact that I was born in December and always feel something special when it finally arrives J Continue reading “Happy December!”