Seafaring, resistance and music: three museums of Lisbon

Lisbon has many museums, befitting a capital of a great country with rich history and heritage. Without having a specific plan, we explored three “smaller”, but nonetheless very interesting museums, each of them telling one part of a complex story of Lisbon and, by extension, Portugal. Continue reading “Seafaring, resistance and music: three museums of Lisbon”

Wise words to inspire your travels

There are many beautiful thoughts and quotes about traveling that make you feel, upon reading them, as if someone turned into words your own feelings, ones you often find so difficult to verbalize and explain. They often describe traveling as a way of learning, changing, taking chances and getting outside of your comfort zone, letting every traveler know that their feelings and beliefs are universal, shared between all of us. Continue reading “Wise words to inspire your travels”

Where to next?

Winter has really arrived to Rijeka, with temperatures below zero and hurricane-like northern winds, which means that it’s the time of the year when my itchy feet itch the most. So as I simultaneously plan and daydream about my next travel destinations, let me share with you some tips that might help you decide where (and when) to travel next. Continue reading “Where to next?”

The reversed story of Porto wine

We couldn’t leave Porto without dedicating some time and attention to the Portuguese wine, one of the country’s most famous and precious products. Continue reading “The reversed story of Porto wine”

Porto. Period.

If you walk around Porto long enough, you will see beautiful houses covered in colorful glazed tiles, next to dilapidated uninhabited houses on the brink of falling apart, next to empty plots of land where houses once stood, as suggested by the ruins and debris on the ground, next to gated houses with beautiful gardens, next to facades covered with scaffolding that no worker has climbed for a long time. Porto is like that – full of surprises. It is gritty, messy, sometimes smelly, but at the same time, charming, different and beautiful. This city does not care what you think of it but lives its authentic life, for which you can love it – or leave it. Continue reading “Porto. Period.”

Holiday Magic at Trsat Castle

Like every year, Christmas has arrived to my beloved Rijeka. Unlike every year, however, one of Rijeka’s main touristic sights, the Trsat Castle, this year got a new sparkly holiday makeover and brought even more holiday cheer to people of Rijeka and their visitors. Yesterday I got the chance to visit the Trsat castle in the evening and was completely stunned by how fairy-tale like it looks! Continue reading “Holiday Magic at Trsat Castle”

Fun in the sun

With Portugal having a pretty long coastline (1,794 km), we couldn’t miss spending one day of our trip driving to the coast, seeing the ocean and having some fun in the sun. Continue reading “Fun in the sun”

Pueblos blancos y un pueblo azul

We remember some trips for the people we meet, some for the music we discover, some for the adventures we stumble upon… And some trips remain forever defined through color. Continue reading “Pueblos blancos y un pueblo azul”

Zagreb Christmas Market

Another year is coming to an end and we are enjoying December, a festive, feel-good month in which we reminisce about the year and make plans for the new one. December is also a time for one of my favourite experiences – visiting Christmas markets nearby with the people who are near and dear to me. And after several years of traveling to Austria in pursuit for the ultimate, most festive Christmas market experience, this year our travels didn’t take us far at all and the choice fell on a one-day visit to Zagreb.
Continue reading “Zagreb Christmas Market”