Visiting Brussels with a child

Two years and three months after his birth, my son has finally had his first experience of flying to a foreign country. I wish it had happened sooner but am still grateful that it happened at all, considering how difficult it was to travel during the last two years. For our first international trip, we chose Brussels, the capital of Belgium, the city of chocolate, waffles, french fries and beer. Unsure what to expect from our first trip as a trio, we dived in without too much preparation and fretting and for that we were rewarded with a wonderful experience in a wonderful city.

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Three Italian lakes: a photo journal

In autumn 2018, we decided to spend an extended weekend in northern Italy and visit the Italian lakes: Grandi laghi prealpini are a group of large lakes situated in northern Italy, on the south side of the Alps. They are glacial lakes that were formed after the retreat of the glaciers at the end of the last ice age and the group is composed, among others, of lakes Orta, Maggiore, Varese, Lugano, Como, Iseo, Idro and Garda.

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Recharging on the Island of Vitality

Lošinj is an island of amazing colors, sights and sounds. Never and nowhere on the Croatian coast have I experienced such blues of the sea and greens of the pine trees or heard such loud chirps of the crickets.

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What we’ve learned about traveling with a baby from our first weekend getaway together

I’ve been dreaming about traveling with my child since the first moment I learned I was pregnant. To show him all the places where my parents used to take me, ones where I spent my childhood, to take weekend breaks to locations close to our home town just for a change of scenery, to visit my favourite European destinations and see them through his eyes,… to discover the world together.

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What’s new, pussycat? Introducing Oliver and Frida

It’s been almost two years since my last post (with the exception of my February’s text about Rijeka becoming European Capital of Culture, which is a whole another, somewhat tragic story) and so many things happened in the meantime that kept me away from my computer and from the blog. It took me some time to return (relatively speaking) to my routines and I am finally ready to continue – first and foremost, traveling – and then also jotting down my impressions of all the beautiful places I visit, beautiful art I discover and beautiful things I experience.

With a slight difference, that is.

Two years ago, my travels usually took place either with my family (four responsible adults sharing relatively similar interests and being flexible enough to respect everyone’s experience and wishes, with well established routines and roles in the traveling context) or with my then boyfriend-now fiance-soon to be husband (two responsible adults with very similar interests and routines that complement each other very well and travel effortlessly in search of adventure). This year, the picture is a bit different: two adults, one toddler and one small energetic dog. These are my travel companions for the year and hopefully for many many years to come. While such a fellowship seems wonderful at first, it also means that, with two new additions to the family, we have to completely restructure and adjust the way we choose traveling destinations, travel and spend our time in places that are not home. We have to establish new routines, take into considerations new interests that we never before thought of – finding kid-friendly and pet-friendly destinations, making sure there are enough parks and activities that would appeal to a child, making sure that our destinations and means of transport are chosen so that we can take our dog (because we want to travel with her as much as possible, given that Frida is a member of our family) – and create a completely new dynamics to cater to everyone’s needs and wishes. 

The dreaded C word I will not even mention. Rather, I will pretend that the pandemics will soon be over and we will return to life (and travel) as we knew it before the bizarre 2020.  

Sounds challenging. And I have no idea how we will do it. But we sure as hell will, and I will try and write, as persistently and regularly as I can, about the experiences and challenges of our new merry gang’s adventures. 


Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020

What an important year for my beloved hometown! In 2020, Rijeka shares the title of European Capital of Culture with Galway and is getting ready for its grand entrance onto the European cultural stage. And the symbolic grand opening of the programme is only a day away – on 1 February.

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Sagrada Familia and the genius of Gaudi

Not all the photos, descriptions and guidebook texts could prepare me for the wonder of Sagrada Familia, the most famous church in Barcelona, maybe even Spain, maybe even Europe. The most imaginative and creative one, that is for sure. Continue reading “Sagrada Familia and the genius of Gaudi”

Mošćenice: a dreamy hilltop village above the Kvarner bay

To drive up the road to the village of Mošćenice after the busy seaside resorts of Opatija, Medveja, Lovran or Volosko, is to enter an entirely different world. Not only that you rise above the murmur and traffic of these tourist-oriented towns, up to the hill where the air is fresher, the atmosphere quieter and the views of the Kvarner bay drop-dead gorgeous, but you also enter a place that feels almost enchanted. Continue reading “Mošćenice: a dreamy hilltop village above the Kvarner bay”

Wandering around Barcelona

My first visit to Barcelona (and Spain in general) was in 2010, and the impression I got after 4 days of wandering around town in all types of weather was that it was a fascinating city I had to return to, sooner or later. It was not the Spain I expected and that I later on learned to know, but there was something about the city that urged me to return and rediscover it. Continue reading “Wandering around Barcelona”

Why you should travel independently at least once in your life

I have been an independent traveler for 12 years now. My first self-planned travel endeavor was a three-day trip to Ravenna, Rimini and San Marino in Italy, where I went with my family: I remember thinking what a big achievement it was to individually contact a hotel, successfully arrange and complete the trip – it was the time when, at least in my part of the world, we still used road maps, didn’t have smartphones and were afraid of telephoning abroad because of extravagant roaming costs. Ever since those simpler (and in a way, nicer) days, I have been independently organizing trips I take on my own, with my family and friends and have been strongly advocating this type of travel to anyone who wants to listen. Continue reading “Why you should travel independently at least once in your life”