About me

Welcome to Diana’s Escapes!


My name is Diana. I am an art historian, travel enthusiast and a writing beginner from Rijeka, Croatia.

I am also a lover of art, design, books, music and all things beautiful.

Traveling, however, is my greatest passion in life: give me good company and a destination, no matter how near or far, and you will make this girl very happy.

Why Diana’s Escapes?

This blog came to life as a creative outlet and a way to relive my travels once I am back home. It is also a written reminder – primarily for me, but also for any kind soul willing to read about it – of the places I have visited, things I have seen and experiences I have had. I’ve been writing on and off since 2012, and as time went by, I also became more interested in other, both theoretical and practical aspects of traveling so some such topics are present in the blog.

How I travel

Since I have an MA in Art history, things that interest me most in my travels are art, history and culture of the places I visit.

I have always been a nerdy type of traveler, which means that I love to get prepared in advance, read, watch and research as much as I can about the destination and get there „prepared“. As I grow older, however, I am more and more willing to let things develop in their own way and practice more of a „spontaneous“ approach to traveling.

My traveling bucket list includes the majority of most popular places in the world, but as years go by, my attitude towards what are places worthy of visit evolves and changes: I realize now that traveling is not only the destination, but also the journey. It is a state of mind. It is about discovering what is new and exciting in any place, no matter how near or far. It is about discovering what is new in you with every new traveling experience, no matter how long it lasts.

In 2019, my life changed in the most wonderful way. Our family expanded and now there’s four of us: me, my husband Teo, our son Oliver and our dog Frida. Oliver and Frida changed all aspects of our life, and these changes are visible in how, where and for how long we travel. Since I want to “show the world” to our son, but also to Frida, my newest travel interests include traveling with a baby and a dog, and these are the topics I plan to focus on in my writing.

I hope that the stories you read in Diana’s Escapes bring you pleasure and introduce you to the beautiful places I had the luck and privilege of visiting.

I hope the practical advice and suggestions help you make the most out of your travels.

Finally, I hope this blog helps you escape, at least through words and photographs, to some of the many beautiful places around the world.

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