Óbidos: the real gem of central Portugal

This picture-perfect example of a traditional Portuguese town was once owned by the queen of Portugal, and remains today one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the country. 
From the moment you enter the town through the beautiful Porta da Vila, decorated with traditional azulejos depicting the Passion of Christ, you feel like you have entered another world and time.
The medieval atmosphere can be felt everywhere, in the town’s narrow, meandering streets, beautifully painted, well maintained houses and especially in the view of the monumental castle dating from the 12th century (which once guarded the region and is now a hotel).
Obidos is surrounded by well-preserved fortified walls that are also the town’s main attraction. If you climb the walls and take a 1,5 km walk, you will be rewarded with a bird eye’s view of the town and the surrounding countryside.
Wherever you look, chances are you will see something beautiful.
One thing you definitely can’t miss when visiting Obidos is trying Ginja de Obidos, a traditional cherry liquor that is produced in the region. Ginja is sold everywhere, in souvenir shops and many bars of Obidos, and you can even have it “on the go”: just take a walk down the main street, Rua Direita, and take your pick among the stalls selling tasty Ginja served in dark or white chocolate cups.
Make sure to try, responsibly, of course, all the options on offer, just to make absolutely sure you know in which combination this sweet, almost-dessert-like drink tastes the best.  And don’t be ashamed to repeat the tastings as many times as needed – just call it research!

4 thoughts on “Óbidos: the real gem of central Portugal

    1. Thank you for your comment! Obidos is gorgeous, one could take photos of it and its details for hours 🙂 Such a beautiful town, and to think that I almost didn’t visit it… I’m so happy I did and hope I might do it again one day

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