Holiday Season in Rijeka and Graz

DSC_0454With the arrival of the holiday season, the mood instantly changes. It becomes more elevated, more nervous at times because there is so many things to do, so many presents to buy, cakes and cookies to bake and visits to plan, but also more cheerful as you keep hearing the holiday songs on the radio and you see the towns put on on their most festive apparel and are full of lights, decorations and the smell of mulled wine.


This year, I am especially proud with the holiday decorations in my hometown Rijeka. I don’ t remember it ever being so beautifully decorated, and I believe that everyone noticed it as well, because the town center is full of people at all times, and the atmosphere is louder and more cheerful than ever.


Add to that the constant sound of holiday music following you around from hidden speakers on our main pedestrian street of Korzo and I can openly admit it: I adore my home town in every time of the year, but this Christmas, it is more beautiful and magical than ever and I love it even more!DSC_0502DSC_0501DSC_0483DSC_0499


Among the short holiday day trips I took this December to towns close by, I again visited Graz. I did not regret my decision to come back to one of the towns that epitomize the European Christmas experience and spent a wonderful day shopping for presents, enjoying mulled wine on Schlossberg and in the city center, eating roasted chesnuts and the local specialties.
Graz is full of people an tourists from all around Europe in this time of the year, but handles them well, in a way that allows you to enjoy it and feel the atmospfere despite the huge crowds of people. And when the night comes, the holiday magic becomes even more accentuated as the town dazzles with Christmas lights and decorations.


Author: Diana's Escapes

Traveling, traveling, traveling! I'm in love with it and everything it represents: discovering, learning and experiencing new things.

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