Rijeka: Ode to the Hometown

It’s been raining a lot in my home time lately, and we’ve all gotten quite used to the grayness, dampness and puddles which are so usual in Rijeka during the winter season. Which is why today’s sunny weather brought smiles and good mood to the entire town. It’s been a really beautiful, sunny day, perfect for spending time in the city centre, hanging out with your friends and enjoying cakes and coffee in one of the cafés. This morning, it seemed as if all people of Rijeka came out to soak up the sun, and the centre was full of casual passers-by, cute children and adorable pets.

Days like today help you understand that, although it is beautiful to travel and discover new places, sometimes being at a place you call home is enough to keep you happy, grateful and fulfilled: when Rijeka is bathed in sunshine and when you are in good company and feel happy, the town just seems like the most beautiful place in the world.

So, here are some more pictures of my beloved Rijeka. Dear town, I could not be happier that, out of all the places in the world, you turned out to be the one I call home.

2 thoughts on “Rijeka: Ode to the Hometown

  1. Dear Di, I have read all your posts so far! I want to compliment you on your style of writing, which is excellent, as expected! It is praiseworthy that you have started writing such a blog! I will find great enjoyment in reading it from now on! That said, I have reached some interesting conclusions on different types of travelling, that I would like to share with you over a cup of tea in one of our favourite cafés in our hometown! 😉
    hugs and kisses from Ana

    1. Hello darling! Thank you so much for your comment, and for giving my blog a chance when I know you are super busy 🙂 And for your continual support, I hope you know how much it means to me!
      I’m definitely looking forward to our talk, discussing travelling with you always inspires me (and gives me a serious case of wanderlust) 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great time in Vienna, and hope even more that I’ll see you soon!
      xoxo, hun!

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