L’amour des voyages

My family and me, we love to travel. LOVE. To travel. That is why we try to take a trip some place beautiful at least once a year. We pick a destination and plan a personalized trip that will fulfill everyone’s wishes: set the budget, decide what places to visit, choose hotels, read and learn about the country we chose before we go. When the time comes, we sit in our car and just leave – choosing which roads to take, taking spontaneous detours and stopping whenever and wherever we find something interesting… Setting our own tempo.

Sure, sometimes it can be quite exhausting embarking on long, 4000 km long trips in a car that becomes our home for days in a row, but I wouldn’t trade such ”personalized” way of travelling for anything in the world. Family trips we take are incredibly valuable for us, because we not only see new countries, meet new people and learn about new cultures, but we also bond as a family and create common memories and experiences that will last for a lifetime.

In summer of 2012, we decided to embark on a ten-day journey to France. This country somehow comes up as a potential destination every time we plan a trip, since my mom and me are passionate Francophiles (read: France ”junkies”) and love everything that has to do with the country and its culture. And although we visited France on several occasions before, we couldn’t help choosing it again, especially since our trip was also a birthday present for my mom. And what better way to celebrate than by a journey to her favorite part of the world?

Although every part of France is spectacular in its own way, we decided that the focus of our visit would be Normandy. Why Normandy? Because it seemed unknown and intriguing, a ”wild” part of France different from what we’ve seen before. And we wanted to see that difference. And soak our feet in the ocean 🙂 Last but not least, great thing about Normandy was that it was so close to Paris, so we just had to add several days to visit that magical city once again, and celebrate mom’s birthday in a restaurant in Montmartre, her favorite part of Paris.

Our trip to France was too exciting and too big, there were sooo many things we saw and experienced and the memories are still too vivid to rationally write about it. That is why I apologize in advance for my outbursts of excitment in the following few posts in which I will try to tell the story of our journey to France. Hope you’ll like it 🙂

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