Cheerful December in Ljubljana

For those times when it is not very practical to visit famous Austrian holiday markets, such as the ones in Vienna or Klagenfurt, Ljubljana can be quite a lovely alternative. In December, it becomes an exciting, vibrant and beautifully decorated metropolis, not too large but just big enough for all the holiday festivities that happen there.

Everything happens in the center of the town, around the Prešern Square and the Triple Bridge, in the foot of Ljubljana Castle. Numerous wooden booths selling holiday gifts and local specialties invite the people to stroll down the old streets of the town and feel the Christmasy atmosphere, while the smell and taste of hot mulled wine helps to warm up in the low temperatures. The town center becomes a magical place after dark, when Christmas lights on the giant Christmas tree in the Prešern Square and nearby streets turn the town into a magical place that you simply cannot get enough of.

However, the most important aspect of Ljubljana’s holiday appeal are the people that the center is constantly flooded with – friends, couples, families with young children and pets, it seems like everyone is outside, enjoying the holiday magic. Their chatter, song and laughter demonstrate that there is no holiday atmosphere without the ”human factor” and make Ljubljana’s holiday experience something that you won’t forget very easily.

Street performers on the Triple Bridge
Prešern’s Square
Snowy park Tivoli
Snowy park Tivoli
Wintery detail
Congress Square

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