Here it goes… :)

Well, hello hello 🙂

This is my first official post and I’d like to start with saying why I chose to write a blog in the first place and what it will all be about.

So, here it goes: art, music, books and traveling are some of my favourite things in the world. Reading a good book, listening to a good band, seeing a good movie, discovering a great artist, visiting a foreign country, these are small but extremely significant things that help to make one’s everyday more interesting and, in the long run (I’m sure), one’s life richer and more beautiful. Apart from discussing these topics in person with my friends, family and enthusiasts that I know, I believe that writing about them, whether in one’s diary, through Facebook statuses or in a blog, requests more thorough thinking about the things you like, dislike, or how what you’ve seen/heard/experienced influenced you. Writing also gives a deeper, more permanent quality to your impressions and thoughts, and makes them more concrete, more ”real”.

Writing about these small, but important things (and hopefully, discussing them with the rest of the virtual community), and setting my ”profound” thoughts ”in stone” (:)) will be a way to express myself but also a mean of security – so that, when I get a bit older or when mundane life worries (money, employment, future) take over me, I will be able to come back to this blog, remind myself of the importance of small things in life, and put things back into the right perspective.

“The little things?  The little moments?  They aren’t little.”
–  John Zabat-Zinn 

Looking forward to what’s coming! 🙂

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